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Publish RSS of Hashnode blog to your WordPress and other websites

Publish RSS of Hashnode blog to your WordPress and other websites

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·Jan 24, 2023·

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RSS feed allows users to access updates to websites. Instead of cross-posting of our articles from Hashnode to other websites and blogs like, Medium and WordPress, we can use RSS.

Firstly, we can get RSS of our blog on Hashnode by adding “/rss.xml” to the domain name of your website. For example, RSS of my blog “” is:

There is a list of WordPress plugins to get RSS feeds like “WP RSS Aggregator” and “Feedzy RSS Feeds” but we can publish our feed without plugins.

From WordPress Dashboard click on “Add New” Posts. We use Gutenberg, not the classic editor.

We write in the title of the post for example “SmartRS posts”.

Click on “+” button “Toggle block inserter”.

Inside the search area we write RSS, then click on the RSS result.

Then we paste our URL of RSS. For example:

Now click on Use URL.

By default, 5 of the post titles are inserted inside the WordPress new post.

We can modify it by clicking on the Settings button on the upper right side. While the block of feeds is selected, we can change the number of items for example to 10. And activate Display author and date and excerpts. Also, we have the option to choose the max number of words in excerpts, for example, 50.

Finally, when we are happy with the settings, we click on Preview then Publish. We can see the feeds in the new created post.

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