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3- Packages in R Programming

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·Jul 16, 2021·

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R packages are combinations of functions and data sets created as extensions to R. While, library in R indicates the place where the package is held.

Install packages

install.packages('ggplot2') # ggplot2 is An implementation of the grammar of graphics in R

To install more than one packages together

install.packages(c("dplyr", "devtools", "foreign")) 
#dplyr package is a grammar of data manipulation
#devtools package is a combination of package development tools
#foreign package used for read data stored by other statistical software such as Minitab, S, SAS, SPSS, and Stata.

You can also install packages from RGui: Packages> Install package(s)

and from RStudio from: Tools>Install Packages

Call packages

Before using any packages you have to load them using library function.

library(ggplot2) # to load functions from the package we have to call it.

Remove packages

You can remove any packages that you do not need:

remove.packages("ggplot2") # for remove a package

Update packages

Check old packages that need an update


# for update all packages

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