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13- Chaining Processings

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·Jun 25, 2021·

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Download the data

Loading shapefiles of roads and some places of Erbil city in Iraq

roa = "D:/erbil_data/erbil_data/roads.shp"
pla = "D:/erbil_data/erbil_data/places.shp"

Choose only primary roads from the roads shapefile

expression = "fclass = 'primary'"

primary_roads ="native:extractbyexpression",
    {"INPUT":roa, "EXPRESSION":expression,"OUTPUT":"memory:"}

Create a buffer around primary roads

buffered_primary_roads ="native:buffer",

Add the layer of buffered_primary_roads


Find places along primary rods

places_along_primary_roads ="native:extractbylocation",
    {"INPUT": pla, "PREDICATE": [0], "INTERSECT":buffered_primary_roads, "OUTPUT": "memory:"}

Print the name of places along primary roads

for feature in places_along_primary_roads.getFeatures():

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